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Bringing the Real Food Calculator to Canada

Campuses in Canada have the appetite to commit to better food systems.Here at MX, we’re seeing that both the need and the momentum to build better food systems is growing.

To respond to this, Meal Exchange is teaming up with Real Food Challenge, a U.S. based organization that holds institutions accountable to shifting $1 billion of food budgets away from industrial farms and junk food and towards local/community-based, fair, ecologically sound and humane food sources—what RFC calls “real food”—by 2020.

Meal Exchange students want to bring the Real Food Challenge and the Real Food Calculator to Canada. Over the next year, MX students will be researching the nitty-gritty details to bring RFC’s successful Real Food Calculator to Canada.

Here is Meal Exchange’s incredible team of Real Food Challenge Canada’s Researchers.

Celia White – Vancouver Island University

Real Food Challenge Academic Facilitator

Celia is excited about the Real Food Calculator because it will enable and encourage universities across Canada to adopt higher standards for healthy and sustainable food.

Emily Lankhorst – Vancouver Island University
Real Food Challenge Fair Researcher

Emily is interested in keeping the food economy local and appreciates the University movement towards healthy and sustainable food.

Melanie Anderson – University of Northern British Columbia
Real Food Challenge Local Researcher

Melanie makes significant efforts to buy local and support the local economy wherever she goes. As a student in Prince George, BC, Melanie finds creative ways to be a locavore. She is the University Farmers’ Market Coordinator and a Campus Food Strategy Group Coordinator at UNBC.

Carli Melo – University of Toronto
Real Food Challenge Ecological Researcher

Carli is completing her masters in Planning at the University of Toronto. Through her Planning for Change course, Carli is supporting a variety of Meal Exchange programs, including the Real Food Challenge research. Carli excited about this project because it has real potential to bring sustainable food change across Canada.

Lina Chaker – University of Windsor
Real Food Challenge Ecological Researcher

Lina is in her third year of Communication, Media, and Film and Biology. She is motivated by the potential food has to bring people together. Lina is passionate about increasing local food on campus (and everywhere else!) because she believes empowering our local producers is a strong factor in strengthening our local economy, and more importantly, revitalizing neighbourhoods.

Tanya Mireault – University of Alberta
Real Food Challenge Humane Researcher
Tanya is passionate about pursuing a career in community food/nutrition. Tanya is interested in healthy choices, sustainable and food security for those in need. She believes the Real Food Challenge project is a way to start to change food culture on campus and in the community.

Ethan Doney – Memorial University
Real Food Challenge Seafood Researcher

Ethan has been a Campus Food Strategy Group Coordinator at Memorial for the past two years. In this role, Ethan has helped to expand the campus garden, host community-campus events and share his research on seafood systems with the Meal Exchange network.

Sarah Archibald – Meal Exchange 
Real Food Challenge Program Manager

Sarah believes that food can be a tool to solve some of our greatest social, ecological and economic challenges. She’s excited to work with an amazing team of researchers to create the more transparent, just and sustainable food systems Canada needs!


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