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Factors to Consider When Choosing School Gym Equipment

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Selecting the right school gym equipment may not be an easy task. It takes much of your time and finances to put everything together and establish a good work-out center that suits the needs of a broad range of student’s needs. There are some key factors that you should consider so as to bring the desired health and fitness to your students.

Here are the five factors to take into account before purchasing a school sports equipment:

1) Cost, Quantity, and Quality

The most difficult decision to make is to review the equipment during procurement and decide the balance between quality and price. Check out online shopping sites and review different brands to ensure that you’re getting a good deal. Customer reviews should help you pick out some hints on the general performance of each model. Also, consider how many pieces of equipment you can afford at a particular price to ensure that members are not waiting too long in the line.

2) Gym Layout and Variety

It’s important to look around your school compound and find out which gym plan will bet fit without interfering with other activities. See which space need to be filled and which area need to be reserved for other indoor activities like basketball posts, school bleacher seats, and much more. Are you left with adequate space for stretching floor mats and weightlifting equipment? Come up with a variety of equipment to incorporate as many activities as possible hence keeping every student engaged.

3) Who will be using the Gym?

How you furnish your school gym will heavily depend on the persons you’re targeting. Are you going to open it up for every student, or will you only allow senior students from a particular age to use the facility? Will the training focus on fitness or marathon? Consult with your gym instructor and find out the most appropriate plan.

4) Delivery and Installation of the Equipment

This is a critical part of school gym facility set-up. Plan beforehand how you’re going to transport the equipment and install it on site. Some school PE supplies come with installation manuals while others will require assistance from gym experts. Find out from the supplier if they’ll deliver the equipment for a fee or you’ll have to arrange for your own transport.

5) Maintenance Requirements

Ask is the supplier is offering any warranty, and for how long? Incorporate in your plan any need to hire professional support experts or if you’re going to use your internal staff to do the maintenance. Some components like gym divider curtains will need regular laundry and replacement after some duration of usage.


Before settling for school gym equipment, look at the proposed layout of the center, different fitness equipment, and the specific needs of various age groups. Most importantly, consider how the gym equipment will be delivered to the site and how it will be installed at the school. Future maintenance needs should also be catered for.

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